The mission of Staged/Lit – developed by BooksEndependent and TV writer/producer Valerie C. Woods – is to celebrate and examine the creative synthesis of adapting literary works from prose to script to performance.

In his seminal work ,Screenplay – The Foundations of Screenwriting, Syd Field, acclaimed by CNN as “the guru of all screenwriters,” wrote the following:

“Adaptation is both a skill and a challenge. The verb to adapt means “to transpose from one medium to another.” Adaptation is defined as the ability “to make fit or suitable by changing, or adjusting” – modifying something to create a change in structure, function, and form… It is a singular art.”

It is all about storytelling. The art and craft required in telling the same story in a different medium is the inspiration for Staged/Lit.

promenadeplayhouse_v02Performances are held at The Promenade Playhouse
located on the famed 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica.

Following each performance guests are invited to join the writers and cast for a
reception and book signing in the Courtyard of the theatre.

Events are presented in association with: